Sunday, April 12, 2009

Swimming Anyone?

Well, the house and hay-shed are fine for now. Something about a crest being expected Wednesday is what I hear. The internet was out from last night until now. I'm not sure if it was just us or what. The only problem so far is that the river is so full its moving into an old oxbow (dead river channel left from when they streamlined the river in the 50's and 60's). The oxbow runs around the property and dead ends on the west border of our south pasture. The water from the oxbow has managed to find a culvert (don't ask me how water figured out gravity) and is now flowing into my main North Pasture. The North Pasture was essentially dry last night, and the photos are how it looked at 9:30a.m. A flooded pasture wouldn't normally be such a problem, but my drylots are mudpits and my South Pasture only has water when the frost is out of the ground enough for us to turn it back on. Which is usually about now through the end of September, but we're still waiting for all the snow to melt.

The far side where the water is coming in.

The center show how far the water has come through. Poor Scooby wants to follow me.

The oxbow which is being filled by the river. This is at least 3x fuller than normal.

From my parents back deck at 8:30p.m. You can see the river is getting full and leaking into the low land. This is still quite a few feet from the house and a pretty big drop off.

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  1. Holy crap CCH! And thought we were having water problems.

    Poor Scooby! He wants you to make the water go away. lol >.<