Monday, May 18, 2009

Epic FAIL!

I'm an avid reader of the Fail Blog ( and its related websites. My little brother, who is 7, was just saying the other day that we should make an "lol horses". He's pretty funny, but you had to be there for the whole conversation. I would love to see an lol horses or lol farm animals. Well, I'll get to the point. I was reading my June issue of a popular horse magazine the other day. Let's take a tangent and discuss how annoying it is to get the "June" issue while there is still quite a bit of May left. That has always driven me crazy.

Anyway, in an article on maneuvering through trail class obstacles, I found this:
(Ignore my thumb) I believe the photo is the professional whom they consulted when writing the article. If you notice the right side of the cinch is at least 6 inches from the saddle pad. On the left side, it is touching the saddle pad. This article was something like 4 pages long with several photos, all clearly showing this saddling atrocity. Having a properly fitted cinch has always been a huge pet peeve of mine.

Fail #2

Studly's PtHA papers came in the mail today. Here they are:Hint: my horse is a 1993 model, with a bald face, high white stocking, and large white belly spot. So, yet another phone call to make.