Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Even God Likes Cutting Horses

Well I would like to think so. I was browsing the fail blog and its sister sites at lunch today and found this:

Its actor Morgan Freeman with a baseball cap depicting a cutting horse. Now many celebrities show cutting horses (that's probably for another post), but this was a random sighting for me. I must credit my ever growing powers of observation for catching this hat because I really didn't get the caption. I know Freeman played God in the Bruce & Evan Almighty movies, but I can't figure out the Jack Nicholson - Devil reference.

Its too bad the hat doesn't promote a horse or farm, but it looks as if he has really worn it more than a few times. Of course I checked the NCHA website to see if he had earnings or a membership and could find none. Then I thought, duh, actors never use their real names, but after a short search it looks to me as if he does. Now I must end my complete randomness and get back to work.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

And the Winner is!!

After a serious wet-noodle beating from Nd_Appy, I have finally taken the time to put up a post, albeit a short one. I'm sorry, its summer, I've been busy and then I got sick. No more excuses...

Studly and I had our first show over the Memorial Day weekend. We won the $5,000 Novice Horse Non-Pro class on Saturday. It was very exciting and paid out well enough that I didn't end up too much in the hole. Well that's how it is with horse shows, you never come out ahead. My Dad calls it paying for entertainment. Either way, I was entertained. No pics or videos though, it was an outdoor show with the dirt blowing everywhere and the sun was shining into the camera.

The new little horse, MH Moves Millions, has been named Harley. He belongs to my Dad and they also took some prize money at the show. I sometimes call him Honda because he is so small. He is just barely 14.3 and maybe 900-950. He literally looks like a pony next to any other horse in the herd, including Star our Welsh pony, lol.

In other exciting news, I just got back Studly's photos. Here are just a couple. I'm working to update the website, but I also have to do actual work. I gotta pay the bills. Photos copyright Alea Photography and used with permission.

I need to edit out our sad little hay shed. Every time the wind blows a new piece breaks off.

He was so funny taking pictures, just hamming it up big time. He ran right up towards the camera and then gave a little rear and buck.

Showing off the speed demon inside. I love how the sand is still flying from his last stride.