Friday, April 10, 2009

So it begins...

Its official, we are likely to be sandbagging this weekend. Other people have already begun. We had hoped the flooding would not reach us (it still might not), but what do you expect with record snowfall measured in feet, not inches.

My lovely truckloads of sand sit waiting at the front end of my arena. They were supposed to be spread over the back half of my newly extended arena last fall, but it started snowing just two days after everything was leveled off. So they sat, pretending to be mountains until the snow became so deep that all was flat prairie once again.

We are moving 15 tons of hay out of the hay-shed and into the main barn storage first thing in the morning when the ground is more firm. My sad little old hay-shed with with a great roof, but no doors and a 4 foot hole in its side is starting to look more like a tar pit every day, or if I were an optimist some mudbath at a fancy spa. (No worries, though, my OCD ensured that every bale was perfectly stacked on pallets because heaven forbid one of my horses eat a spec of dirt.)

Here's to hoping there will be enough sand for my arena when its finally dry enough to use.


  1. Holy crap, CCH.

    I'm so sorry. Jeepers, and I'm REALLY sorry I pushed publish, when I meant to push save.. Not done with that post. Blasted husband always walks in JUST as I get (almost) intelligent. shite..

    You've hear bloody enough about water, haven't you.
    Oh, good grief.

    Your stallion is gorgeous. What a hunk.

    I'm going to go do a desertification post, now. It's all my fault.
    To warmth and RECEDING waters.
    I'm so sorry.
    Please be careful, and be safe.

  2. Oh well, I got the a glimpse of what's to come anyway.

    haha, yes we've got water, not near as much as other places. I may have to track down my little orange arm floaties.

    Also in the shorst time since I posted its now been decided to move the hay up a couple pallets instead of to another building.

    Either way everything is going to be fine and my horses are all getting great mud treatments on their dry hooves.

  3. Hey, that's good news, CCH.

    I always assume nobody's reading anyway.

    FernV is usually first to notice when I do the whoops thingy..

  4. Hey CCH

    Hop your waters don't rise there. They just flooded out part of Jamestown. Nice hunh?

    Fingers crossed you guys escape the flooding.

    Give Studly a pat for me. :)