Friday, August 21, 2009

Clinton-palooza 09

Well I never thought I would attend a Clinton Anderson clinic nor did I ever think he would make an appearance in my relatively small hometown. However, he is here this very weekend. I jumped at the opportunity to get tickets for just $15 which includes both days. I can't say I intend to learn much because I don't train horses and don't intend to start in the near future, but you never know what you could pick up. So, I intend to keep an open mind, to shamelessly pass out flyers and business cards for studly and hopefully to get a good deal on some trade-show type stuff. I'm particularly interested in the new EZ-all sheath cleaner, but I personally have always liked EQ Solutions better.

What I really need is an awesome question for th Q & A session. Every clinic I have ever been to had free stuff to give away and it usually went to those with a good question. Any ideas??

Wait with all of that hoopla, I neglected to mention that a fellow blogger is coming to Clinton with me and staying with me and my horses. Don't worry she doesn't have to stay in the barn with the horses, though if I were 10 or so years younger that would have been a blast. Now I must head off and finish some barn chores and a little house cleaning.