Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No Swimming in the Ocean.

Well just a quick update because its like watching reality TV without the dumb blondes. (mostly because I took the pictures so it was hard for me to be in them, lol.)

My parents backyard 4-13-09 9:00am

Roughly the same views of the North Pasture as before. Only its almost all under 18-24in of water. Taken 4-13-09 10:30am. For some reason it looks like the sun is setting and its getting dark, but what can you expect from a cell phone camera.

The flood refugees all getting along nicely in such close quarters up in the not all that dry, drylots.
Studly was a little confused when none of the other horses cared about him. They were too busy eating, so he decided to chow down too.


  1. Poor Studley:)
    It's hard to comprehend being ignored, when you're so darned handsome:)

  2. Whoops, and ANOTHER wish for receding waters..
    Hasn't worked yet, huh?
    Damn anti flood tweedler must be broken.