Friday, January 16, 2009

We're off to see the wizard..

Well that might be a fun way to do it, but tomorrow morning, we are off to the vet's office for some embarrassing just leave your tail sock on, hooves in the stirrups, turn your head & cough kinda tests. I need to make sure Studly has his EVA status available.
Other than that, things are shaping up. I'm pulling some hairs to send for color testing. I know right, I can't believe I care either. I also can't believe none of his previous owners have done it. That's cutting for you, we only care if its COW H/H. However, I think spending a few dollars on it won't kill me. That way if a mare owner asks, I don't look like a dummy.
I plan to have my poop in a group by the end of the month. I want to get a website up, but with my HTML skills it might take a little while. I was thinking of putting ads on dreamhorse and Any thoughts, or other website I should look into? I thought of, but I don't think they get enough traffic for me to spend the money on it this year.
Also, Fugly Horse of the Day has a recent post about stallion ads, so would I need to take a vacation on idiot island if I just used a headshot for his ad until this summer?? I mean really, I've got snow coming out of my eyeballs. I don't think a glacial background of snow boulders mixed with streaks of road crap will do much for him except blend his white spots into oblivion. Indoors, I just don't have the distance/layout to get a decent pic without 4 other horse faces sneaking in.


  1. No don't stress right now about pictures. Get a headshot of him as nice as you can for now... a really nice head shot will beat a shitty full body picture any day of the week!!!

  2. I agree. And if people email you about getting body shots, I would explain very nicely about the snow we are currently buried under (insane!).