Friday, January 16, 2009

I forgot to mention

Wal-Mart opens tomorrow too. Huge day for some people. They have had 5 cranes dragging snow off the roof in fiberglass bags since Sunday. Never fear though, Target has been quick to remind all shoppers that they were open on the local evening news and that they didn't close because they built their roof right. Not a comment on Target's feelings about Wal-Mart's quality or anything.

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  1. *snort* I'm surprised that WalMart hasn't been working on the snow all winter. The one in Jamestown has been. Hell, they keep having to dig out the Liquor store so they can change the air filters, so they have just done the whole store. I know this because unfortunately I work in the Liquor Store part time.... Oh well, helps feed the hay burners. :)