Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coming along

I have posted my pedigree page. I'm still working on it though, I need to add references as to where I got the information. This whole website thing is much harder than I thought. I have really good news though. A vet who bred to studly in early 2007 via embryo transfer to his own mare may want another breeding.
I found this information out in a roundabout way. I was looking at the website of the facility he stood at from 2006 until May of 2007, and they still had him listed. Fuming, I was going to call and give them a piece of my mind. Being tricky, though, I called and pretended to be interested in him to see what she would say. Turns out she was very nice and explained that she intended her site to say that they had previously stood him. She offered to put a link to my new site, if I would link to hers, and to pass my info along to a few people who had expressed interest in him. She is also going to send me the information she had on him when he was there. Awesome. So glad I didn't lead with guns a blazing.
I was reading FHOTD and had to laugh, her post on photoshop is about 30% me at this point. Maybe I should get it and put someone crazy famous on him. I'm really doing my best to be a professional about the whole thing, but I do feel like I may only be a rung or two above a backyard breeder. At least I'm developing some criteria for potential mares.


  1. Suggestion - shrink down the pedigree a bit. I have to scroll side to side to see it all. Not a big thing though.

    On another note, do you still want me to mess with his pictures at all?

    I am going to shoot you an email, to the email on your website. About a possible date for Callie with studly. >.<

  2. Oh for Crying out loud you are WAYYY above a BYB!!!