Friday, January 9, 2009

About that snow......

Well now I can actually relate to those in the Pacific NW, well a little anyway. It dumped 12in (which just doesn't have the same connotation as 1ft) of the white stuff last night. It snowed nearly one inch per hour. Yikes!

Now I guess is the time to reveal my true blog intentions......My recently purchased stud horse left Weatherford, TX Tuesday night, but now it seems he is up to his eyeballs in snow and may not make his delivery date :(
PS.. I know the layout is not very original at this time, but I'm working on it.


  1. Yeah! I'm interested in cutting, can't wait to see pics of him when he gets there! Looking forward to following your progress and updates!
    We are due for snow this weekend too (Anchorage, Alaska). It's been -20 or so for over a week, finally up to -9 right now.

  2. Oh O O! we can trade advice then because I've been boning up as much as possible on dressage principles to work on my collection and roundness. Plus I've found that Practical Horseman's little diddy's on jumping/finding a spot are great for ground pole work.

    I hear you on the temperature so lets not even talk about wind chill.

  3. I KNOW!! Help ME!!!!!!!! Chubbs the Paint Mare really wants to know!!

  4. T X, 1st I'm only a lowly Non-Pro so I'm not awesome or anything, but I will say that I do get by. 2nd NCHA is pretty serious about NP status, so I can't do any training for anything (unless its my own horse), but I can give all the free advice that anyone is willing to listen to :D

    So, you will have to tell me more about Chubbs, what you are doing with her, how she reacts with it and maybe what you want to achieve. From reading your blog, I know that you are a competent trainer and could really get a good start on cow work without a ton of help.

  5. Ok, first THANKS! You may not be a "pro" but as far as this goes you are to me!!!! Sooooo you can email me or we can chat here on your blog... THANKS A MILLION!!