Friday, August 21, 2009

Clinton-palooza 09

Well I never thought I would attend a Clinton Anderson clinic nor did I ever think he would make an appearance in my relatively small hometown. However, he is here this very weekend. I jumped at the opportunity to get tickets for just $15 which includes both days. I can't say I intend to learn much because I don't train horses and don't intend to start in the near future, but you never know what you could pick up. So, I intend to keep an open mind, to shamelessly pass out flyers and business cards for studly and hopefully to get a good deal on some trade-show type stuff. I'm particularly interested in the new EZ-all sheath cleaner, but I personally have always liked EQ Solutions better.

What I really need is an awesome question for th Q & A session. Every clinic I have ever been to had free stuff to give away and it usually went to those with a good question. Any ideas??

Wait with all of that hoopla, I neglected to mention that a fellow blogger is coming to Clinton with me and staying with me and my horses. Don't worry she doesn't have to stay in the barn with the horses, though if I were 10 or so years younger that would have been a blast. Now I must head off and finish some barn chores and a little house cleaning.


  1. I am going to one of his stops next month. I hope its good. My younger TB mare is a reserve horse for one of his demos.

  2. Oh yeah. Have fun and give us an update.

  3. "What's the first, most important thing you work on, when starting a young horse?"

    "What's the most important part of your initial appraisal of any horse?"

    (waves to ND_A)
    Don't keep her up too late!

    Have a GREAT time!

    Hope studley finds some wives.

  4. Ok so day one was fun but not what I expected. It was all about his method as a whole not so much about dealing with specific issues. He did 3 different demonstrations with his horse Diez and did two different lounging demos with outside horses who turned out to be fairly broke already. Both cases of horses having their owners fooled. I got a really great deal on EZ All and a sweatshirt for good measure. Tomorrow he is supposed to do more demos and ride outside horses so that should be exciting.