Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Its my party..

Well today is the day I officially get another year older. Enough about me though, because we celebrated 3 birthdays in the barn this month. Yes, I'm a crazy horse person and I wish happy birthday to my horse. No hats, balloons or cake (until someone gives me a horse-cake recipe anyway), but I like to give each birthday horse a special treat and a little extra scratch time. So, does anybody else have a horsey birthday party??


  1. Happy birthday!

    I don't have horses (yet) but I do celebrate my dog and cats' birthdays. My husband thinks I'm crazy :)

  2. I would celebrate them if I knew when they were! >.< Callie's is the only one I know for sure.

    Happy Birthday BTW!

  3. We do not do Birthdays but we do do carrots and apple pieces in their feedpans for Christmas and Easter.

    Happy Birthday...