Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why I Love Cutting

There it is, my fanciest show saddle. Fancy because of the rawhide cantle and metal lacing. How can you not love a sport that doesn't require silver reflecting off your cantle enlarging your butt and screaming look at me?? Who wants to polish all that? Not me. Furthermore, I will never understand why its a good idea work in one saddle and show in another. Its hard, they feel different, ride different, and how in the world do you ever break in your sparkly show saddle?

Note the oxbow stirrups on this guy. I think they have the best feel. I really only choose to ride in oxbows (when I have a choice). I like them at the back half of the ball of my foot. (which I'm 99% sure is the way it should be done) I have seen people ride with their feet way to far in, jammed into the heel of their boot. I've also heard many find them uncomfortable compared to flat-bottoms. Not me, I love them.

I need to spend some to have this beauty re-fleeced, but I couldn't be happier to do it. I should also get the rawhide cleaned, but I actually don't know how to do it. This is the only piece of tack I own that actually has any rawhide.

[Wow 2 posts. Can you tell I'm really bored today??]


  1. I have a little silver on my Circle Y saddle and I HATE having to polish it. Blah. I like the looks of your better then mine! >.<

  2. Yeah, that's silly. You should show in what's comfy..

    Nice saddle!

  3. For the rawhide, there is a special cleaner you can get form NRSworld or that works wonders. As for silver... I can do it or not it doesn't bother me. My NBHA Circle Y saddle has some silve ron it and when I cxlean my saddle I just take some "mother's mag polish" and swipe some on it let set and then rub off. Doesn't take too much time. I agree though the pleasure saddles are a bit too much.... of course people may say that about my tack... I custom make my own blingy tack lol but it's strictly for the barrel arena:)

  4. My fanciest saddle is a 30 year old Simco cutter... My first cutting saddle was a Billy Royal with a BW tree.

    I just bought a Stray Dog cutter and I love it.

  5. Yeah, you have a good point, but I would say my big silver show saddle is the comfiest saddle I ride in :). Oh, and show prep happens in that saddle too, but I bought it used, so it came broke in! I would say that when it comes to cleaning, I think there is too much silver and the skirt is too big...

  6. Cleaning rawhide at home? I either use a damp really well rung out nubby washcloth with a little dish detergent.
    Or a magic eraser. They are really handy.
    I hate polishing silver period.